Heart Full of Praise: Madagascar – mp3 Album


‘Heart Full of Praise: Madagascar’ is an album with nine Malagasy children’s gospel songs. Malagasy is the local language of Madagascar. This album includes traditional songs and new songs written by Soekie Sandra Krog. All tracks were recorded in Antananarivo with the help of local children and a female vocalist.

More information:

  • Downloadable mp3 album
  • Track lengths between approximately 3 to 5 minutes

Track List:

  1. Velona Jeso, Tsy Maty Izy
  2. Tsy Misy Tahaka An i Jeso/Mandeha Amin’ny Fahazavan’ny Tompo Aho
  3. Aoka Hanakaiky Anao
  4. Haiko Ny Zava-drehetra
  5. Manompo an’ Andriamanitra
  6. Fa Ray Tsara Lanao
  7. Izy Ireo Milaza Hoe
  8. Raha Izaho Sy Ny Ankohonako
  9. Romana 6 23

Soekie and the Radikids have been known for years for their cheerful Christian children’s music. Soekie is a children’s songwriter, author and radio personality since 1992. When she isn’t on international travels to minister or reaching out at schools, she makes multimedia resources to aid parents, teachers, children’s ministers and children.

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