Madagascar/Mauritius 2023

Since 1994 when Radikids started, God nudged Soekie about His promises to her when she was a mere 9 years old: Psalm 8v2 and 2v8 have been the two verses that branded her calling : the praises of children and the nations as an inheritance. He has been faithful and Soekie experienced many miracles in Malawi. You can read all about it here. You can also listen to the album in Chichewa on all major music streaming platforms or purchase it here on the website.

After praying about open doors to visit more countries, Soekie and the team’s prayers were answered and they left for Madagascar and Mauritius on the 9th of June.

What had been done in Malawi in two weeks, had to be accomplished in a record one weeks’ time in each country – but once again God provided the perfect studio in both Madagascar and Mauritius.

Being hosted in each pastor’s family home was an excellent example of the hospitality Abraham modelled in Genesis 18 with the three visitors he received and we call a blessing on both homes as we were blessed in so many ways. Being among them also taught us of their family oriented views, different cultures and open hearts, rapidly.

Meeting both groups of the children to sing on the albums in their respective languages were both challenging and rewarding; transport and communication are difficult factors on both islands, but with the help of translators, parental compliance and the adult vocalists, what usually takes 2 weeks (learning 10-12 new songs, practice, arranging, recording) was completed in 4- and 5 days respectively – Our Lord supernaturally teaching the songs to a very gifted group of children. Follow the Radikids social media account of your choice for news of the release of both albums shortly.

Soekie also gave training to the children’s ministers and parents. Both groups were quick to heed the teachings, with testimonies of their new found knowledge demonstrated the application of the training in their own church ministries and children. The teachings were recorded and published on Youtube, and with the help of translators, can be revisited and understood by more and more of the inhabitants – especially good for Creole speakers as the same dialect is spoken in Mauritius, Réunion and Rodrigues Islands – multiplying the audience and blessing the vision.

Upon returning home, Soekie received news that a project she had embarked on in 2019 – halted by the pandemic – to record a gospel album in Russian – was now viable – with a native Russian family in our vicinity! Good news upon good news – we are reminded not to be distracted by any challenges on this ongoing mission, but rather to eagerly expect the miracles we keep experiencing as God comes through on every level..

We trust that we have once again followed God’s Will for His harvest: even if what it is, is just a drop in the ocean – may Our faithful Father multiply the seeds faithfully sown, may they fall on fertile ground where they will grow to multiply and bear fruit. The children reached now will grow to be the Harvesters when Jesus comes! Until next time; Maranatha!